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Dec. 3: Kopel // Weiss // Hosea // Bennett

November 18, 2013


Ben Kopel recently moved to New York by way of New Orleans. He is the author of Because We Must (Brave Men Press), VICTORY (H_NGM_N Books), and the co-author of Shut Up & Bloom (iO Books). He is currently working on his next collection, possibly titled Sutras of Love & Hate.

Marina Weiss is the poetry editor of the magazine formerly known as Explosion-Proof, and her poetry is published or forthcoming in Tin House, Narrative, Canteen, Paper Darts, Painted Bride Quarterly, dislocate, and elsewhere.

Chris Hosea is the author of the poetry collection PUT YOUR HANDS IN, forthcoming in March 2014 from Louisiana State University Press. John Ashbery chose Hosea for the 2013 Walt Whitman Award. Ashbery says: “Chris Hosea’s Put Your Hands In…somehow subsumes derision and erotic energy and comes out on top. Maybe that’s because ‘poetry is the cruelest month,’ as he says, correcting T.S. Eliot. Transfixed in mid-paroxysm, the poems also remind us of Samuel Beckett’s line (in Watt): ‘The pain not yet pleasure, the pleasure not yet pain.’ One feels plunged in a wave of happening that is about to crest.”

Rachel J. Bennett grew up on the Illinois-Iowa border. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in journals including elimae, inter|rupture, Permafrost, Similar:Peaks::, Sixth Finch, The Portland Review, Salt Hill Journal, Toad, and Verse Daily. They’ve won awards through Bayou Magazine, Smartish Pace, and Ruminate. She calls Bushwick home.

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