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Nov 27th: Oristaglio//McKindra//Patalano//Norelli

November 19, 2012

Tom Oristaglio‘s poems have appeared in Cricket Online Review, Anatomy & Etymology, Rabbit Catastrophe, Armchair Shotgun, Fourteen Hills, and a few others. He lives in Brooklyn where he suckles on the teat of the literary giant Rufus Silas Wally and  helps read submissions for the Atlas Review, a forthcoming and totally sweet new literary journal edited by Natalie Eilbert and Jillian Kuzma. Peel your eyes.

Frederick McKindra was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. He attended Howard University in Washington DC and completed an MFA in Fiction Writing at the New School in May of 2012. Currently, he is at work on a novel set in NYC about the lotto.

Tess Patalano received her MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Her work has appeared in PANK, Everyday Genius, and elimae among others. Dancing Girl Press will release her chapbook What Happened in the Spring of 2013. She’s online at

Alex Norelli is the pseudonym of Axel Greene. His favorite color is color. His favorite book is blue. He gardens on rooftops throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, backyards too. Sometimes he thinks things in Spanish, sometimes he dreams things in English. He is also a painter, plant propagator, photographs plants at night, and is able to spot a deer from a mile away. And if he had three wishes sure to come true, one would be that he’d have the elocution of Orson Welles for a day. Additionally, he has a book forthcoming from the depths of his animal soul, and a series of poems to be publish by Whim press and the Negative Reinforcement Review.

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