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Sept 25: Lacey/Morris/Crawford/Grisanzio/Finn

September 17, 2012

Catherine Lacey is a 2012 NYFA Fiction Fellow and has published fiction and nonfiction with The Believer, The Harper Perennial Anthology 40 Stories, The AtlanticCousin Corinne’s Reminder, Brooklyn Magazine and others. She is a founding owner of a cooperatively run bed and breakfast in Brooklyn, 3B.

Alex Morris was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and received an MFA in poetry from NYU. He has worked for New Orleans Review and McSweeney’s Poetry Series. He runs the Southern Writers Reading Series, which takes place the second Wednesday of each month at Happy Ending Lounge. He lives in Brooklyn.

Marisa Crawford is the author of The Haunted House (2010) from the feminist poetry press Switchback Books. Her writing has recently appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Sink Review and Bone Bouquet, and on Feministing’s Community Blog and VIDA’s blog, HER KIND. She lives in Brooklyn and works as a copywriter.

Francesco Grisanzio ecently earned his MFA from The New School. His work has appeared in NY Press, Word Riot, Fawlt, Strange Machine, and other publications. If you want something more fun he can work in a Garfield joke.

Carina Finn is the author of MY LIFE IS A MOVIE (Birds of Lace) and I HEART MARLON BRANDO, which was produced in a limited screen-printed edition by Wheelchair Party in 2010. She is a leo and enjoys shopping, baking, horseback riding, and wants to learn to sew. Carina is the Princess of The Bratty Poets Series and acts bratty at

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