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June 26: Ladewig / Fletcher / Schneider / Wallace

June 22, 2012

Lily Ladewig is the author of The Silhouettes (SpringGun Press, 2012) and, with Anne Cecelia Holmes, the e-chapbook I Am A Natural Wonder (Blue Hour Press, 2011). Recent poems have been published in Aesthetix, Bone Bouquet, Horse Less Review, Sixth Finch, and Spinning Jenny. She lives in Brooklyn.

Sasha Fletcher is the author of the novella when all our days are numbered marching bands will fill the streets and we will not hear them because we are upstairs in the clouds [mud luscious, 2010], and two chapbooks of poetry.

Corinne Schneider hails from middle-of-nowhere, Michigan. She digs guns and motorcycles, and to her the wilderness is called Coney Island. Once, she witnessed He-Man playing volleyball in a sea foam green speedo. Today she has many Eastern European boyfriends, as she loves their Catholicism and alcoholism.

Nicole Wallace is the author of WHITE FLOWERS a multimedia chapbook in an envelope and is the Program Assistant at The Poetry Project. She also co-edits BRAWLING PIGEON, which appears occasionally.

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