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August 31 “Lowlight” Photos

September 12, 2011

I meant that literally. Mental Marginalia got off to a rousing start that was only dampened by the fact that we lacked proper lighting. The lights we had used for the opening party were apparently all broken, so just the weird shade-less lamp was used. Shadeless lamp, yr alright, kid, but yr no blaze in the northern sky. We’ll have the lighting situation taken care of for the upcoming reading on Sept. 28th, so hopefully the pictures will come out better. Heck, we may even get video or something, too! Don’t worry, we’re making this up as we go.

• Katie Byrum

With a packet of spells

Katie is such a trooper. She had come straight from the airport (she’d been stranded due to the hurricane) completely disheveled with luggage in tow. Nevertheless, she was mesmerizing as usual. I doubt she had any idea where she even was, but probably had more fun than anyone else. For demonstrating such grace after I threw her under the bus, she won a few “Throw Mr. Crowley Under the Bus” tickets.

• Danielle Blau

Ms. Nonchalant skewers minds

Having never seen Danielle actually read before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She really brings a subtle, twisted vibe to the proceedings. The unsettling, yet wry nature of her poems contrasts with her effervescent personality and the audience ends up floating in the bizarre hyperspace it all creates.

• Ray DeJesús

Follow the hand

Ray is a marvelous reader to have in any lineup. He gives the impression of being completely chill and low key, yet everyone is fixated and alert, it’s bizarre and wonderful. After reading a few poems he invited Christine Neacole Kanownik up where they read from a collaborative project that was a little bit comic, a little bit tragic, a little bit weirdo and entirely awesome.

Christine's hair, Headless Ray

• Jackie Clark

Clark in the Dark

Lastly, our deserved headliner, Jackie Clark. Jackie finished off the night with a selection of her “Soul Gun” poems that somebody needs to publish. She read some other stuff, too, but I was so psyched that she read those—and I was pretty buzzed at this point—that I can’t remember now what they were. (That’s what I get for posting these two weeks later.)

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