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Supposedly the Universe Release Party Highlights

August 16, 2011

While there is video floating nebulously in the cloud of the esteemed Mark Gurarie reading a poem the equally esteemed Jamie Masters, I do not currently possess said video. As soon as I get my hands on it, it’ll be up here (and it’s quite charming).

So instead for “highlights” you get a few photos of readers all in nearly the same pose and, more often than not, nearly the same shade of dark red. I didn’t even get photos of all the readers, which means my camera (which is also a telephone) is lazy because I definitely closed the shutter for everyone.

Dave McNamara shields himself from the glow

Belly-petter Kevin Shea

Seth Graves gets findy in the chapbook

Mark Gurarie demonstrates the "San Francisco"

Jeff T. Johnson on the proper way to adjust a mic stand

The ever-excitable Jaclyn Lovell had a sporting match

Ali Power: Because somebody has to be classy

Amanda Bradley pretends to be serious for a moment

Juan hung out & got harassed by cops, we had to let him deliver

There may still be a few of these left somewhere

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